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Our experience of more than 30 years in the South American mining industry

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Guarachi Engineers was born in 1991, after its founding partners spent more than 20 years in different technological institutions such as Intec-Chile and CIMM, the main Mining and Metallurgical research centers in Chile at that time, as well as in the Department of Mines of the University of Chile and the Bergbau Forschung institute of Germany. Luis Guarachi undertakes the development of consultancies together with a group of engineers, geologists and other specialists with recognized national and international experience in the area of extractive metallurgy.

In 1994, a complete Metallurgy and Microscopy Laboratory joined the professional services of Guarachi Engineers, with experts in both disciplines, which allows addressing highly complex metallurgical experimental analyzes and determination of mineral species and coals, respectively.

Today Guarachi Engineers has more than 30 years of experience in providing mineralogical analysis services and supporting small, medium and large national and international companies in the mining industry.

Today our analysis services are developed on samples derived from operations in mining, forestry, construction, chemicals and other productive industries that involve the areas of minerals and environment in Chile and throughout Latin America.

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